Pupil assessment, tracking and reporting for the Ugandan Curriculum

SMS is a specialist piece of software that can be configured to allow Ugandan Schools to assess, track and report pupil progress in the national curriculum whilst producing high quality reports for teachers, parents and senior management.

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SMS Parent

SMS Teacher

  • Assesses and tracks pupil progress
  • Produces accurate pupil reports
  • Accesses pupil information anywhere via the Icloud
  • Configures bespoke curriculum & targets
  • Analyses test results & pupil progress at the click of a button
  • Gives senior managers real time report access
  • Delivers results for league tables
  • Provides term reports, weekly test grades and behavioural commentary

What is SMS?

  • Assessment
    • Record Every Pupil’s exam or test results
    • Analyse the results at a click of a button
    • Pupils achievement and progress against targets
    • Identify pupil’s who are not meeting the targets
    • Introduce specific interventions
  • Tracking
    • Monitor progress of Every Pupil
    • Ensure that interventions are working successfully
  • Reporting System
    • Prepare and save progress report for Every Pupil

Why SMS?

Supports Multiple Languages

Communicate in multiple languages? No problem. SMS can be configured to toggle between different languages.

Configured To Any Curriculum

SMS can be configured to implement any unique curriculum grading scheme. This feature allows the system to be easily adjusted to faith schools.

Flexible Custom Design

Every school has its own way of collecting and representing student data. With SMS’ flexibility in design, the application can be adapted to your style and way of working.

Intelligent View Of Pupils, Class & School

SMS includes charting & reporting functions that convert complex data into digestible information allowing for easy understanding of student progress.


Cloud – Work from anywhere with internet access

Intranet – Install SMS on the local server

Available On Multiple Devices

With mobile usage increasing, SMS has been designed to adapt to handheld devices allowing users to work on the go. This is good for last minute changes and reviews.

SMS Benefits

Safe & Accessible

Cloud service is hosted on secure servers. SMS provides quick password protected access to all tracking and reporting stages anywhere, any time for all teachers, head teachers and governors.

Easy Reporting / Pupil Commenting

SMS enables teachers and administrators to efficiently and effectively prepare, analyse and manage the production of annual reports. The pupil comments can be added in multiple languages – for example English & Hebrew.

Speeds Up Pupil Performance Assessment & Reporting

In recent studies Teachers spend 3/4 of their time on PPA. SMS has been proven to reduce report writing by 50%. This gives more time for teachers to teach and pupils to learn, giving head teachers peace of mind.

Improves Communication With Parents

SMS allows parents and pupils to view (but not change) their reports and input their comments on the report over the internet adding to the completeness of the performance management.


Efficiently and effectively prepare, analyse and manage the production of continuous pupil assessment reports.

Compatible To Any International Assessment Standards

SMS helps to educate the world’s children. Global education systems have different grading standards from the UK education system and SMS can accommodate them all. A new grading system can be easily managed within SMS and variations can be brought in simply to reflect any changes in the education world.

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