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We introduce WebFarm, an ICT platform
connecting different players in the agricultural value chain.

What We Do

WebFarm is an ICT enabled platform that leverages on various agriculture value chain actors with the aim of creating markets linkages & improve household income. Key players include the following:

Our Services

WebFarm is a technology platform that catalyses development for sustainable communities, our mission is to uplift the livelihoods of all in the community through developing and implementing dedicated, holistic, tailored digital platforms. Webfarm is part of the Awega Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) designed to improve transparency across community based and national projects. The Webfarm platform reconciles all activities under the Awega SCI and records all transactions in real-time to ensure transparency for our subscribers. Awega SCI offer our members numerous benefits including Agricultural development support services, business and enterprise development and marketing opportunities and also delivers tangible wealth to the community by optimising supply chains.

Our Objective

Agriculture remains central to Uganda’s economic growth and wealth creation. It is a major source of raw materials for the manufacturing sector, a market for non-agricultural output and a source of surplus for investment.

According to the NDP II, In order to enhance marketing and distribution of agricultural products, focus will be on: developing capacities of existing farmers’ organizations, co-operatives and producer associations so as to reap from economies of scale; expanding market access through regional and international protocols and Uganda missions abroad; and deepening ICT access to facilitate market information sharing.



Project Description:

Community Development - An Integrated ICT Approach to Community Wealth

Project Management by:

Savara International

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