How to become a member

Membership subscription

To participate in the Awega Sustainable Communities Initiative (Awega SCI™), individuals or corporate are invited to subscribe either individually or through a corporate, or SACCOS or participating local agents or local business councils. Each application will be verified and membership granted and a membership card issued which will have unique to each member to facilitate transactions over the Awegaug ‘s CDMS platform.

How it Works and benefits

Awegaug operates, maintains and implements, through its partnerships, service infrastructures that collectively result in the full delivery of the Awega  SCI, designed to fast track Community Development, wealth creation and the enhancement of economic independence in all sectors, for example by enabling:

  • An environment for its subscribers to access tools, equipment and other resources that will greatly enhance their enterprise activities. These are presented on our platform in form of Apps and management systems that collect, track, monitor and evaluate enterprise activities across the community. Feedback from the platform activities then inform Awegaug on the areas of investment that will benefit both the stakeholders as well as enhance its investment portfolio.
  • Subscribers to adapt and participate in modern technologies and Transformation their enterprises and improve their livelihoods; for example, to shift from subsistence to commercial farming and be able to access valuable national and international Markets.
  • Access to modern ICT that may be installed at schools and health centers, which will facilitate Telepresence and Sharing of Services and Resources which are affordable, available and reliable. This will stimulate individual entrepreneurship, employ-ability and productivity within the communities, especially among the youth and women.
  •  Easy access to, financial products, existing local and national government programs, various organisations, Technology and other resources, in the course of implementing our Sustainable Communities Initiative.