Key Worker Attendance App

The Key-worker Attendance app enables employers or Government organisations to account for their Key workers’ productivity and act sooner to mitigate asset losses and loss of productivity. Using our Key Worker Attendance App, Employers can also identify reasons behind absenteeism as an early warning sign of inherent issues with their employees and take appropriate steps to intervene and apply suitable solutions.

  • Manage your workforce’s efficiency
  • act to reduce absenteeism
  • ensure that the right employee is at the right place at the right time
  • intervene to provide or relay assistance

Key Features

Clock In and Clock Out with Facial Recognition

Using cutting edge Biometric technology, only registered workers will be able to clock in and clock out once their specified tasks are completed per shift or prescribed period. This ensures that the right worker is at the right site and at the right time. If an unauthorized entity tries to clock in, the app will not recognize them through their Biometrics and instantly reject the attempt to clock in and send instant notification to the administration.


The KWA App is able to send notifications to both the Key worker and administrator, when a Key Worker clocks in, clocks out and when they are out of the specified mile radius of their work stations, this feature may be particularly helpful for Key outreach worker such as medical staff, and many others who work in difficult terrain where an occasion may arise, that warrant rescuing a Key worker.


KWA generates custom build reports on the attendance of your workforce. Identify trends in attendance and use this data to intervene with solutions to encourage attendance.

Monitor your staff’s presence on site

The Key worker Attendance App uses geo-fencing technology to ensure that your Key workers are within a specific mile radius from the location they are required to work at. If a Key worker wishes to clock in, they must first be within this radius. If they step out of the range, the Key worker will receive a notification that they have left the area and should get back to be within range.

All you need is a mobile phone

Unlike other time and attendance tracking systems, the Key worker Attendance App does not require you to install costly physical fingerprint scanners or facial recognition scanners at the sites you wish to monitor. All your worker needs is to download the Key worker Attendance App on their smart phone and you can start to monitor your workforce straight away.

Secure and non-intrusive

The Key Worker App is only set up to work within the prescribed time limits and will not track key workers outside their prescribed working hours except for extended assignments authorized by management. All data held is used only for the purposes of Key worker time and resource management.

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