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Sanitary Pad Making

Sanitary Pad making Projects are available for individuals as well as corporate and can be sponsored or purchased by Funding agents or charity organisations as well as relatives who wish to establish a regular income activity for their cooperatives, group members organisation; family members. This is an ideal way  to offer livelihoods and for those who are not in employment training or education. This project can be implemented in various packages for start ups as well as for established Crafts producers or multiple cottage industry producers. 

Benifits of Sanitary Pad making Project

apart from providing regular income, Sanitary Pad making also ensures that women can flead a better quality of hygene and School going girls attend school regularly . Sanitary Pads produced by groups or SACCOS can be used among themselves or can also be sold or distributed locally. this project does not require a lot of resources except for a clean sheltered room, A screen for training e.g a white wall, and seats to accommodate participants. 

1x Meter of Kitenge Material

This material kit comes in segments of one Meter per material, enough to produce six complete pads and can be issued per individual  

1x Meter of Cushions Materials

This three item kit comes as a package in a bag ready for use in training as well as production, issued per individual or purchase wholesale

6x Reels of Thread

Including the premium Icons Mind icon kit, Stack features a highly diverse set of icons suitable for all purposes.

12x Branded Packaging Bags

Once produced and quality checked, the sanitary pads can be packaged ready for the user in this branded and marked bag with a seal of quality and product description

1x Pair of Scissors

This protable light weight table can be moved or articultated to another table to form a bench which may be used for the design and cutting of the materials before sewing together

1x Box of Button Clips

Included in this package is a PC, Printer, Scanner and an Bar code reader or an ID scanner suitable for managing all aspects of the projects and its participants accounts.

Complete Package option.

This is an attractive option for businesses or funding agencies wishing to sponsor this project as a program to empower community members to begin the journey to self sustenance and also resolve the common problems facing the girls child in rural areas who may not afford or have access to sanitary products.As a program this also fulfils the UN's SDG (sustainable Development Goal No.5 aiming to achieve gender equality and to empower women and girls.

UGX 927085.26

Business model

With a large population living in the rural areas this product has a large demand and is easier to distribute through existing logistic networks that supply other Health products by NGO's or local government health centers including schools.


This project forms the basis and a pathway for other interventions in the community whose members may also benefit from other linked projects such as Dress Making.

Dedicated Support

This project is managed and monitored by a professional team selected and assiged specific roles unique to each region's requirements and have the tools to ensure assesment, evaluation and reporting of the project management is Quick with regular updates. 
Each update and report is customized to the finding or beneficiary's requirement and is available in real time.

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